About Us

Welcome to the DKD fam! Put your phone on do knot disturb and get ready to meet us! Best friends and self-care enthusiasts, we each discovered our love for movement in different ways. Christine fell in love with working out for the mental health benefits, as well as for the way it made her body feel daily. She has since become a pilates instructor, focused on movements that help you feel good. She even works with her own dad on ways he can move around within his own personal life, since being diagnosed with Parkinsons in 2018. Lauren discovered her love for pilates while prepping for her wedding. She continued to workout in different ways that felt good for her body and mind through her pregnancy, and is now in the postpartum phase, using movement to help regain her strength.

Through both of our individual journeys, we discovered our need for go-to accessories designed with movement in mind. With our busy lifestyles, we like to grab our daily essentials, throw them on and look and feel our best. From the quality of our products to the way they look, we hope our pieces tie your whole outfit together. Do get moving, do your best and do knot disturb.

Thank you for your support!